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Get Your Head out of Your Apps

Off the Network: Wellness in the Digital Age

Enter a space of digital detox by turning off, tuning out and zoning in. Minimize distraction and focus attention by finding still waters among the incessant waves of information. Hone your mind to integrate, navigate and disengage in an effort to reboot holistically. Press pause to restore, reclaim and reignite.

The goals of this breakout session is to journey from the state of having a full mind to the art of being mindful. Since breath is the language of the body we will learn and practice techniques for breathing, self-regulation, visualization. We will even explore the idea of ‘pocket therapy’ which includes mobile apps to help manage your mental health.

"You can't stop the waves however you can learn to surf."
Flipping for Flipgrid

Flipgrid will transform the way you teach and your students learn! Learn how to use this powerful application to easily capture student thinking, amplify student voice and provide timely feedback in simple, yet effective ways. Participants will learn how to get started with Flipgrid, view student exemplars, try it out and build a lesson they can use on the first day of school! Come learn how to effectively use Flipgrid in your classroom and understand how easy and versatile it is to use.

Flipgrid is one tool that you’ll be glad you added to your tool box.

May the Faith Be With You!

If you’ve ever wondered how technology fits into our faith-based learning environment, you’ve come to the right session!

Explore fun and engaging ways to build 21st century competencies with our students with faith as our foundation. By leveraging digital, students can develop content learning, communication, collaboration, character development and problem solving skills. In this session we will explore a number of tools and create rich tasks to provoke critical thinking and creativity in your students. – The Power of Visual Math

Join us for an interactive, hands-on session as you get to know the digital learning tools found at Virtual manipulatives can be used across grade levels as thinking spaces where students can build mathematical representations, solve problems and use the built-in annotation features to share thinking. This workshop will be applicable to primary through intermediate teachers as we focus on exploring arithmetic operations across number systems - whole number, integers or fractions. These digital tools are easy to use and have been developed in collaboration with Ontario teachers based on current educational research. They are freely available on Desktop, iOS and Android devices and are free from advertisement. BYOD.

Shoot for the Edit! Video Production for the Rookie Pt.1

In this hands on workshop, teachers will learn the principles of effective video production, while scripting, shooting and editing a scene. All that’s required is a commitment to collaboration, the sharing of creative ideas and an adventurous attitude. All equipment will be made available.

TVO's mPower!

TVO's mPower is a creative online game that teaches fundamental K-6 math skills while enabling students to have fun and learn more about the world around them.

mPower encourages students to recognize that math is in both our physical and virtual worlds, and can be lots of fun. While primarily targeted to help improve student achievement and engagement in mathematics, MPower also integrates “big ideas” reflected the new elementary Social Studies and Science curriculums.

Find out how you can access this new and innovative resource!

OneNote: One Powerful Tool for Every Student’s Voice

Do you want to empower every student’s voice? Are you interested in providing students opportunities to share thinking in visual and audio formats? Do you want to see how students can “ink their think?”

OneNote classroom is the most powerful and transformative tool in education today. In this session, you will learn how to create portfolio space where students can independently annotate thinking on their visible learning. We will show you have students can take pictures of artifacts and add audio reflection.

Come try this hands on session where you will work in student mode to capture learning and annotate. Learn how simple it is to become a OneNote Wonder!

Before you leave, you will be creating your idea for next day action with the tool in your classroom.

Capturing that ‘A-HA!’ Moment!

The elusive “A-HA!” moment can happen at any time, and nothing brings more joy to teaching than when you witness one of your students gasp and say, “I GET IT!!!”. Now with the use of some simple tools, you can be in more than one place at a time and at so many different times. Technology used in the right way, enables teachers to witness those precious learning moments and use them to grow the learning. Join us as we look to catch your very own "A-HA!” moment!

On the Mark! Using Google for Assessment

Assessment is a great place to start with technology in the classroom. With the sheer amount of grading and the importance of providing timely feedback, anybody can feel overwhelmed. Using Google Forms in a simple way, feedback can be given easily and efficiently.

Join a simple workshop that’s ‘on the mark’ when it comes to tech and assessment.

Great Work! Let's Share it with Padlet!

You’ve taught the lesson and guided your students in developing new skills. Now it’s time to share their learning. Sometimes this becomes unexpectedly time consuming. If only there was an easy to use app which excited students about publishing their work... Actually, there is! Let’s try Padlet.

Padlet is a user friendly app that works as a digital bulletin board. Padlet offers a safe and inviting space for teachers and their students to express ideas and share their work with pride. Students love it! Less time is consumed on trying to get work printed or rewritten and much more time is spent admiring the final product. You will leave this session ready to use this time and paper saving app and marveling at your creativity.

Break the Code!

Jump into the world of coding! In this hands-on beginners workshop we will look at Coding and what it is, where to start and actual start to code. We will be exploring Scratch and other coding platforms. Participants will also see samples of students work, some problems and troubleshoots I have encountered while making programs.