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Office Hours

Office Hours is an opportunity for teachers to connect online with an experienced teacher leader about a particular topic. It is an opportunity to ask questions about practice and pedagogy, get advice, share teaching tips and network with other teachers. Office hours provides a safe space for teachers to ask questions about topics that matter most to them.


Previous Sessions

Get Ready to Ace the Interview

Our experienced staff officers are available to answer all of your questions about interviews. Do you have questions about Fair Hiring Regulation 274 or are you looking for tips to help improve your interview skills? Are you wondering about how to effectively respond to an interview question that you have struggled with previously? Whatever you are wondering, this session is for you! Our experienced staff officers will be available to answer all of the questions you have been wondering about but had no one to ask.

Note: It is recommend that participants interested in Get Ready to Ace the Interview, view OECTA’s Interview Skills WebExperience Course Video available in the Member’s Area.

Teaching English Language Learners (ELL)

Teaching English Language Learners can often be an isolating role, as there is typically only one person occupying the ELL position in a school. Whether you are new to the role or an experienced teacher supporting ELL students you likely have questions about:

  • Differentiated strategies to support students
  • New resources or tech tools are available
  • How to best support your teacher colleagues
  • Best assessment and evaluation practices
  • Ways to effectively modify program and respond to IEPs
  • EQAO for newcomers

Whatever you may be wondering, share your questions with our ELL teacher leaders who can provide expert advice, rooted in best practice and in alignment with policy.

Special Education

Teaching students with special needs can be challenging. There is a great deal to know and knowing where to look may be one of the biggest challenges teachers face.