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Fee Increase Motion Defeated

Fee Increase Motion Defeated

On Thursday, December 7, the Governing Council of the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) met to vote on a proposed $28 increase to the annual College Membership fee. This would have represented a 48 per cent increase since 2012.

At the meeting, Ontario Teachers’ Federation President, Chris Cowley, delivered a presentation, encouraging council members to defeat the proposal. During his comments, Cowley expressed that many Ontario teachers opposed an increase, citing several polls that returned overwhelming disapproval of the motion. Cowley also noted that the rationale for the proposed increase, which was to pay off the mortgage on the College’s office building, was wrongheaded and unfairly asked teachers to shoulder the costs of OCT’s expensive real estate investments. Finally, Cowley argued that the proposed increase ran counter to the College’s strategic priority to “engage members.”

After vigorous debate, the OCT Governing Council voted to defeat the motion.

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