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Mini-Courses are here - short courses that pack a big punch!

So what is a mini-course? We are so glad you asked! They are short, one-month, online courses, requiring about 25 hours of time with a manageable workload that you complete on a schedule that works best for your busy life.

Offered on a variety of topics, they are led by fully qualified instructors and participants will get a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the course. And best of all, these courses only cost $50. Improve your quality of life in the classroom and try one!

Mini-courses are currently being offered on the following topics:

Planning for Students with Autism
Course description
Come and discover fundamental strategies and techniques that will help you plan your classroom experience to meet the needs of a student on the Autism spectrum. Share ideas, build plans and plan for results that will serve your students’ needs but also make your life in the classroom manageable.
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Learning to Assess and Evaluate
Course description

Learn some important strategies and techniques to better understand assessment and evaluation in the classroom. This mini-course will look at the fundamentals of good assessment and evaluation in order to use that practice every day. Straight forward and right at the heart of teaching, this will make your life in the classroom better.

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Desire2Learn 101 for Ontario Teachers
Course description

Technology is meant to make life easier and technology in the classroom should be no different. Find out why Desire2Learn has been licenced for all Ontario teachers for the next 5 years and learn some wonderful techniques that will surely save you time. From going paperless to collecting assignments, Desire2Learn can improve your classroom life!

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Classroom Management Strategies 101
Course description

A teacher’s life in the classroom is hectic, we get it. This mini-course is designed to give you smart strategies to help resolve some of the biggest barriers to learning. Find out how powerful a plan for discipline can really be. Learn about modern discipline techniques but also how to value student voice while we maintain a safe and caring environment for all learners. This mini-course is designed to improve your quality of life in the classroom with real world strategies that work.

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Spaces are limited and pre-registration for each course is required.
Spring courses launch April 15 so register today!


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